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Welcome to the Home Energy Checkup, a guide to saving money and increasing comfort in your home while reducing energy use! You can select various energy efficiency improvements to see how much money you could save. The tool also provides some basic guidance on how to get started on making improvements.

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Disclaimer and Limitations

This checkup is designed for educational purposes only.  Fuel price and cost data is not current.  Calculations are based on typical single-family houses for eleven typical U.S. climates. Actual energy savings from specific efficiency measures installed in specific homes may vary. The Alliance to Save Energy does not provide any warranty on the actual savings obtained based on results in the  Home Energy Checkup.

This program may contain references to product manufacturers and other sources of information. Inclusion of such a reference in this tool does not constitute endorsement of any product on the part of the Alliance to Save Energy. We also cannot attest to the reliability of the information found in reference sources in this program.