Home Energy Checkup


Home Energy Checkup

Welcome to the Home Energy Checkup! To use this tool, go through each step below, selecting the conditions that apply to your home. Results are summarized in Step 5. You can go back and change conditions and the results will update automatically. Be sure to consult the disclaimer and limitations before using the tool.

1. Climate

Refer to the climate zone map below and select your climate zone:

2. Equipment

  • Select the type of furnace you have:
  • Select the type of air conditioner you have:
  • Select the type of water heater you have:

3. Fuel cost

Estimating Energy Prices

Fuel Type Cost
Natural Gas
Heating Oil

This tool uses national average energy prices as default values. If you don't know what kind of energy you use, you can ignore this option, or select "Unknown/Typical" to use national average price numbers. Use the table below to select prices that most closely match what you pay.

Energy Type Units Low Medium High
Electricity ($/kWh) 0.05- 0.07 0.07-0.11 0.11-0.16
Natural Gas ($/therm) 0.56-0.69 0.69-0.83 0.83-0.90
Heating Oil ($/gal) 1.03-1.19 1.19-1.27 1.27-1.40
Propane ($/lb) 0.10-0.15 0.15-0.21 0.21-0.30

To set energy prices closer to what you actually pay, select Low, Medium, or High based on the ranges shown in the graph at right. For instance, if you pay $0.12 per kilowatt-hour for electricity, you would set the Electricity option on the main Home Energy Checkup screen to "High".

To find out your actual energy prices, take a recent bill and divide the total bill dollar amount by the units of energy used (kilowatt-hours of electricity, therms of natural gas, gallons of oil, or pounds of propane) to get a dollars-per-unit of energy. Select a choice below that is closest to your price for each energy type you use.

4. Efficiency Measures

Component Existing New More Information
Insulation (Ceiling)
Insulation (Walls)
Insulation (Foundation)
Air Leaks
Air Conditioner
Water Heater
Clothes Washer
Clothes Dryer
Duct Seals

5. Summary

Energy Use Current Cost Efficient Cost Savings CO2 Saved (tons)
Water Usage
Hot Water