woman reading computer screen Energy efficiency isn't about dramatic changes or decreasing your comfort. It is about using technology and making small, simple adjustments in your day-to-day life to save you money and energy. The best part is, no matter where you find yourself, you can take energy efficiency with you. Check out our tips and start putting money back into your pocket today.

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  • Most ceiling fans today have a switch that changes the direction of its blades. When your fan goes clockwise, it will send the warm air collecting near your ceiling back into your living or working space.
  • Insulate exposed ducts with mastic to improve your heating system’s efficiency and your own comfort.
  • Save as much as 10 percent a year on your heating and cooling bills by simply turning your thermostat back 10 to 15 percent for eight hours a day.
  • Air conditioning units should be properly sized. A system that's too large won’t keep your home comfortable due to frequent "on/off" cycling, while a too-small unit won't be effective.
  • Lowering your water heater just 10 degrees can save 3 — 5 percent in energy costs a year.
  • Your refrigerator is always plugged in and accounts for almost 8 percent of your home's electricity bill. To reduce energy bills and extend its life, keep your refrigerator’s coils clean.
  • Check with your local government or energy company to see if they offer free home energy audits.
  • Using ceiling fans to circulate air will make you feel cooler and allow you to raise the temperature setting on your air conditioning thermostat by a few degrees.
  • Plugging energy leaks with weather stripping and caulking can save up to 20 percent on cooling and heating bills.
  • Many home improvements and vehicle upgrades will result in tax credits that save you money and reduce your energy consumption at home and on the road.
  • Turn off everything that's not in use — lights, TVs, computers, electronics — to instantly save energy. Get your family members and coworkers on board, too!